Gardeners’ World — Creative book cover design for BBC Studios initiative



David Wilson Nunn, Creative Director at BBC Studios, set the brief to propose and design three commercial book titles by Gardeners’ World that could be marketed by BBC Worldwide. My designs were awarded commendation.
The target market for the books are; Age 5–8 yrs, Age 19–24 yrs, and Age 35 yrs +. Encouraged not to interpret the programme literally, the project included coming up with original and inventive concepts for each of the age groups, keeping in mind that the BBC holds creativity as the ‘lifeblood’ of all that they do.

Garden Critters

Audience: 5-8 year olds

This outcome is aimed at encouraging 5-8-year-old children to engage with what’s in their back garden. It captures their interest in bugs and critters, teaching them about how to safely find these and about their environment.

Free Food

Audience: 19-24 year olds

Appealing to the need for budget friendly good food, this book is aimed at 19-24-year-old students. It focuses on how to regrow fruits and vegetables from the stems and cores of what you would typically throw away when cooking. This encourages gardening in small, desktop spaces, in a way that connects with the problems and concerns of the target audience. The design mirrors this by showing abundance and plenty, in a style that is inspired both by emojis and jackpot designs.

The Naturist’s Garden

Audience: 50-70 year olds

This outcome was focused on the 50-70 target audience. It encourages a new look at the past time, connecting with it in an even more natural way. It is playful and encouraging, offering the idea of pride both in your body and in your garden.


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