Conde Nast College

UX+ UI Design of student portfolio area to increase engagement with end of year show and publicise student work

Itineris Ltd

UX, UI, Facilitation


Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is the first educational establishment of the Condé Nast Publications Ltd. set in the heart of London, UK. The College offers creative courses combined with a solid foundation in the business and strategic sides of the fashion, media and luxury lifestyle industries. Operating as part of one of the largest and most distinguished publishing houses in the world, Condé Nast College is in an unparalleled and elevated position; combining academic excellence and rigour with unrivalled links to the fashion, media and luxury lifestyle industries, creating a unique educational environment in which students thrive.

A long term client of Itineris, Conde Nast College looked to extend their digital offering by not just promoting student work at it’s end of year shows, but in bringing this experience digitally. The project had three main aims;

  1. To present final year graduating students’ work to the employment market, considering how this audience type may wish to browse based on area of distinction and level of qualification, and in linking to the students’ personal portfolios or contacts to allow them to start conversations
  2. To engage new potential students looking to study at Conde Nast College, wanting to see innovative and challenging projects and build a familiarity with what different courses may intail
  3. Moving towards a remote focus, to allow 24/7 digital access to student work, rather than relying on in person experiences

Within this project, I lead UX, client communications and facilitation of ideas, UI and development handover.


  • Building a UX that gives students flexibility with how their projects are displayed
  • Considering varying content lengths
  • Introducing an editorial style digitally
  • Building an immersive journey that is a continuation of the in person portfolio show
  • Designing a UX that considers how employers and students may want to browse and filter student work

Introducing an editorial style of layout and image and storytelling led focus on students’ key projects.

Mobile Responsive

The interface needed to be optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet, considering how the user journey would be effected by each mode of viewing. One of the main challenges to this was how to make  visuals engaging and immersive whilst not hindering the scroll journey on mobile.

The overall project was a great experience in getting to work on delivering a product for creative students. The client was very receptive to ideas and visual concepts.


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